Tips for a Successful Visit with Your Physician

We all know that at times visiting your physician can be very stressful. For whatever reason, you may feel rushed or nervous. Do you ever leave saying to yourself….. How did he say to take that medicine and why am I taking it? I forgot to ask him about…….? Here are a few helpful tips to help make going to the doctor a little less stressful.

1) IN THE DAYS PRECEDING YOUR APPOINTMENT WRITE YOUR QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS DOWN. We sometimes get hung up on one subject or become off track. If you bring a list of questions with you, you are less likely to forget something.

2) BRING A LIST OF ALL YOUR MEDICATIONS, PRESCRIPTION AS WELL AS OVER THE COUNTER. Many of us see multiple physicians for various needs – each prescribing different medications. Remember to include for each medication the dosage and how often you take it. Some over the counter medications may interfere or be dangerous when combined with other medications so include these as well. Even vitamin supplements!

3) TRACK AND WRITE DOWN ALL OF YOUR SYMPTOMS. It is very important to include every symptom you may be having. Try to keep track of when these symptoms occur. What triggers them? How long do they last?

4) BRING SOMEONE WITH YOU. It always helps to have an extra set of ears and someone to jot down notes. Geriatric Care Managers can be very helpful when accompanying clients to their physician appointments. They can help you to ask the right questions and clarify answers. They are also helpful when having to recount your medical history and what other physicians you are seeing. Most have extensive knowledge in Geriatrics and the medical field in general.