Complete Assessment

Once care management services are agreed upon and it is decided what we can do for you, a complete and comprehensive assessment will be performed by the care manager.

The assessment includes:


Medical history


Physical assessment


Mental assessment


Psychosocial assessment


Spiritual assessment


Functional assessment


Home environment assessment


Financial assessment, as well as Formal and non-formal support systems available.

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The Care Manager will focus on developing a list of complex clinical problems with a prioritization so that the most serious ones are dealt with first.

In this way we can give you the most critical help that you need first.

This means there is no routine format for the medical history or physical examination, and the focus will be driven with the input of clients, families, and caregivers on the major complaints.

We do this for you in this way because we want you to feel reassured and comfortable as quickly as possible.

The findings of other members of the team concerning the health and functioning of the client will be considered as well.

Development of the prioritized problem list, as important as it is, is not the only goal of the medical encounter in the assessment process.

Other objectives that we might help you with could be:


Counseling for disease prevention and health promotion


Determining immunizations


Screening for asymptomatic conditions prevalent in elderly clients


Assessing medication burden


Screening for other issues such as substance abuse.

Once this step is done, them he can move onto the Care Plan Development Stage. For more information on this, go to the Care Plan Development page.

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Our Testimonials

Wendy Hayes has provided my home bound client, an 87 year old retired clergyman, with the best possible care. I do not know what I would have done without the caring and compassionate services of Wendy and her staff. If I ever enter this stage of life, I will call on Wendy. You can’t go wrong here.

- Howard Crown, Attorney

My wife of 45 years had a Registered Nurse Degree. Because of her background in medicine, the family depended upon her authority in medical matters. When she died we were in shock having to be on our own. Luckily Wendy came into my life. She has served as my medical advocate and translator from “medical talk” to English. Without Wendy’s help I would have been at the mercy of the medical community for the last 3 years. She is the best thing to come in to my life in years.

- Al Breuning

Wendy Hayes [of SWFL Geriatric Care Management] is the most honest sincere professional down-to-earth person I know.
Wendy has changed my life. I have lost two wives and have no children. I was sad and depressed, but Wendy changed all that. Wendy has filled the void in my life – she is My Family. She moved me to my new home where I am so well taken care of and at the age of 91 I have never been happier because of her decisions.

- G. Zdanoff

Wendy Hayes of SWFL GERIATRIC CARE MANAGEMENT is the most knowledgeable, compassionate health care provider I know.
She provides the elderly and their families with extreme care with her expertise in the field. Wendy assures the elderly have their health needs met with dignity as they age, respects and reacts to their wishes and provides outstanding detailed medical attention with confidence to their doctors. She is organized, follows-up timely and accurately, she is worth her weight in gold.

- Dew Cunningham

“I was impressed by the compassion, competence, and alert attentiveness of all of the SWFL Geriatric Care Management, LLC staff, who helped Eleanor from 2011 to present. Wendy, I know that your ready availability and responsiveness is a source of comfort and has given her great peace of mind.”

- FL Attorney 2014

SWFL Geriatric Care Management, LLC was hired to do an assessment of one of my client’s parents and then retained to provide elder care services. They exhibited a high professional manner and easily identified priorities for the client and his mother.

- Sarah P. Naples, FL

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