The elderly and the disabled face many challenges. Chronic illness, functional limitations, loss of independence and possibly Dementia are only some of the issues. Caregivers face their own challenges as well such as living at a distance, loss of time at work, expense, their own families to take care of, and lack of communication all leading to stress, frustration and burnout. Care Managers are here to ease those difficulties. Working as a team and finding solutions, Care Managers navigate and concur the challenges of aging and disability.

Care Managers provide an invaluable service. They are professionals with advanced training, education and experience in gerontology, social work, nursing, counseling and/or human services. They have extensive knowledge of resources and services in their communities. Care Managers evaluate and assess the situation while developing and implementing a plan that incorporates the needs and wishes of the client leading to greater independence, autonomy and dignity while keeping safety at the forefront. They provide ongoing management and oversight of the care and services being provided. Care Managers are there as an advocate in times of crisis as well as acting as a liaison to families at a distance. For more information and to locate a qualified Care Manager near you, please visit The National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers at You do not need to go it alone! Care Managers can help.

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