How We Help You and Your Family

We assist the aging and those with disabilities, as well as their families to navigate the complex challenges of:

  • The healthcare system
  • Day to day functioning and
  • Long term care needs.

The elderly face many complex issues such as

  • Chronic illness
  • Functional limitations
  • Loss of independence
  • and sometimes even Dementia.

Caregivers have their own set of challenges which may include:

  • Living at a distance
  • Loss of time at work
  • Expense
  • Taking care of their own families.

This often results in a total lack of communication between everyone involved that leads to

  • Stress
  • Frustration
  • Burnout

SWFL Geriatric Care Management, LLC is here to ease all of those difficulties.

  1. We develop care plans through a comprehensive assessment that identifies strengths and needs in order to incorporate current and potential issues.
  2. Our goal is to maximize autonomy, independence, dignity and safety.
  3. If needed, our Care Managers will screen, arrange, and monitor in-home assistance or other services that elders receive. 

We work as a team with other professionals who help the aging or people with disabilities such as

  • Doctors
  • Attorneys
  • Trust officers
  • As well as many others.

We provide referrals when it is appropriate. Our Geriatric Care Managers are professionals with advanced training, education and experience in

  • Gerontology
  • Social work
  • Nursing
  • Counseling and/or human services. 

They specialize in assisting older people and their families with planning for and implementing quality of life care. They are able to execute our care plans to promote the independence of seniors while providing ongoing management and oversight of the care and services that are being provided.

Our Care Managers are there as an advocate in times of crisis as well as a liaison to families at a distance. They are skilled professionals who assist seniors and family members in dealing with the challenges of aging. SWFL Geriatric Care Management, LLC provides advocacy and education. 

We ensure peace of mind for families that their loved ones are safe and their needs are being met. We strive to assist older people and their families by providing quality support to maximize independence and well-being for all of our clients.